François-René Rideau (fare) wrote,
François-René Rideau

Slave Reparation Racism

Regarding Slave reparations: About everyone in Europe was a slave (in Latin, "servus" — serf) since Diocletian's socialist "reforms". Emancipation came very slowly through the emergence of free cities, literally the first meaning of "bourgeoisie" — people living free in cities rather than slaves on the land. Only "blue blood" descendants of the conquering German master race who reigned for over a thousand years as "noblemen" can claim to have no slave ancestors. Plus maybe the Swiss. Thus, almost all white people are owed reparations by this standard. From whom, though? Well, most black people in America descend from the tiny minority of slave owners and slave drivers of the time...

Never mind that most "white people" in the US descend from migrants who came well after slavery was abolished in the US. Socialist race-peddlers will have the white family of a recently emancipated russian serf pay reparations to the black family of a malian slave trader just based on the color of their skin. Now who's the racist? The topic of "slave reparation" has only been but a pretense for socialists to raise taxes on whoever may possess anything, to foster parasitism and to create permanent race-based caste divisions. The least logical something, the better they like it. Their ideology of death actively opposes reason.

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