François-René Rideau (fare) wrote,
François-René Rideau


Lyrics from a poem by William Ernest Henley. Music by Faré.

A friend pointed me to this poem, a copy of which I'm told Mandela was keeping in his prison cell. I remembered the last lines as quoted and mocked by Hofstadter in Metamagical Themas "Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am master of my fate and captain of my soul", and I wrote some music for it. Now to have a hard rock band sing it...

Which makes me think — some of the notes seem awfully familiar, and I can hear the drums at times. Is my mind transferring memories from songs previously heard, or is that how creation works? Probably a bit of both.

Update 2014-10-16: Now that I'm teaching myself guitar, I replaced the chord names by actual guitar chords.

Update 2015-07-26: Now that I've made progress at the guitar, I updated the chords.

Update 2015-08-15: I wrote about the process of composing this music

Tags: composition, en, invictus, mp3, music, poetry, sheet music, songs
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