François-René Rideau (fare) wrote,
François-René Rideau

Stolen Concept of the day: "Social Contract"

"Social contract" theorists try to replace universal natural law with arbitrary social constructs, but start by stealing the very concept of contract from the framework of natural law that they are claiming to do away with.

If there is no prior, higher, Law, then no contract whatsoever, "social" or else, is binding. Anything goes, contracts are void at best, fraud at worst, but fraud, theft, rape and murder are just as good as anything else, so who cares?

If there is a prior, higher, Law, that says that contracts are binding, and provides for enforcement of such contracts, then who needs a social contract? There already is a Law. Moreover, an alleged "Social contract" can neither contradict nor override this Natural Law without which it is void.

In either case, "Social Contract" theorists are crooks, and their theories are just another fraud to justify the arbitrary power of the mighty over the weak as if it had been somehow consented.

Tags: en, epistemology, natural law, social contract, socialism
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