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Blogs Irakiens et autres nouvelles de la guerre

To counter the disinformation that is omnipresent in France, and whose unique object is anti-american propaganda, here is Iraq as seen from the inside, in English, from various iraqi points of view: Healing Iraq, that is much deeper than the nice well-known Where is Raed?. See also The Mesopotamian, Iraq At A Glance, Iraq The Model, Hammorabi, Baghdad Burning. For the US soldiers' point of view, see Lt Smash, Chief Wiggles. As for news and comments, there is also Today in Iraq, Command Post, Iraq, and on the higher-level political side, Daniel Pipes.

The list grows everyday, and though I updated it several times since the original post, you will be better off following the links for a wider coverage. OK, so the iraqis who publish are educated english-speaking iraqis. Do you think that the opinion of an illiterate uneducated poor guy who isn't open to the world will bring more relevant information?


Pour contrer la désinformation qui règne en France et qui a pour unique objet la propagande anti-américaine, voici L'Irak vu de l'intérieur, en anglais. (Suivre les liens de la version anglaise.)

Sinon, en français, un bon site d'analyse du fait militaire en général est CheckPoint Online.

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