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Next Boston Lisp Meeting: Monday October 27th 2008, 6pm at MIT 32-124

NB: ITA Software, a fine employer of Lisp hackers (disclosure: I work there), is kindly purchasing a buffet to accompany our Monthly Boston Lisp Meeting. Anyone who attends is welcome to partake. We appreciate it if you let us know you're coming, and what food taboos you have, so that we can order the right amount of food. Tell us by sending email to boston-lisp-meeting-register at common-lisp.net. We won't send any acknowledgment unless requested; importantly, we'll keep your identity and address confidential and won't communicate any such information to anyone, not even to our sponsors.


Tim McNerney will give a talk about Verifying the Correctness of Compiler Transformations on Basic Blocks using Abstract Interpretation.

Tim McNerney, currently software engineer at ITA Software, will discuss some work he did years ago at Thinking Machines Corporations on a native code parallel Fortran compiler for the Connection Machine. The compiler used abstract interpretation to verify correctness of some program transformations relating to register allocation. This actually helped systematically detect and eliminate a class of subtle bugs that was previously crippling the compiler.

* *

The Lisp Meeting will take place on Monday October 27th at MIT, Room 32-124.

As the numbers indicate, this is in Building 32, on the 1st floor. That's the Stata Center, the funny looking building at the corner of Main St and Vassar St. Note that this location is different from the usual location in adjacent building 34.

MIT map: http://whereis.mit.edu/bin/map?selection=32

Google map: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=32+Vassar+St,+Cambridge,+MA+02139,+USA

Many thanks go to Alexey Radul for arranging for the room, and to MIT for welcoming us.

* * *

The previous Boston Lisp Meeting on September 29th had over 60 participants. Rich Hickey had two standing ovations, and you can see the talk on http://clojure.blip.tv/.

We're always looking for more speakers. The call for speakers and all the other details are at http://fare.livejournal.com/120393.html

Please forward this information to people you think would be interested. Please accept my apologies for your receiving this message multiple times.

For more information, see our new web site boston-lisp.org. For posts related to the Boston Lisp meetings in general, follow this link: http://fare.livejournal.com/tag/boston-lisp-meeting or subscribe to our RSS feed: http://fare.livejournal.com/data/rss?tag=boston-lisp-meeting

My apologies for this late announce. We had some difficulties regarding the room that I took too long to resolve.


eyes black and white

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