François-René Rideau (fare) wrote,
François-René Rideau

Halloween costumes

Two years ago, I wore a Homer Simpsons mask. I was super popular. People in the streets would call me by my name and come greet me. But it was quite uncomfortable and I had to remove the mask to either have good vision or avoid overheating.

Last year, I wore the mask on a pillow attached to my shoulder and introduced myself as "Homer Beeblebrox". Two thirds of the people looked at me with blank eyes, and one third was rolling on the floor laughing. They had read the books or seen the then recent movie.

This year, I found the greatest costume ever. People were dumbfounded and really thought I was what the person I was impersonating: I dressed with a beret, a sailor's white shirt with horizontal stripes, and a red cloth around the neck, a nice blue jeans and my stars and stripes converse. Everyone thought I was an American dressed up as a Prototypical Frenchman, which was exactly what I was dressed up as: I was dressed up as an American dressed up as a Prototypical Frenchman.

Tags: disguise, en, halloween

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