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Tale of Two Cities

There was a snowstorm eight days ago, and that's the precisely the time I chose to go out shopping for tidbits at Home Depot. I asked my way twice. The first time near the subway station, a very gentle man explained me the way, under the highway twice along a crooked itinerary. I try to follow his instructions. And then, along what was either the last straight line to Home Depot or a straight line to nowhere, I try ask confirmation from another poor soul lost in the dark and in the snow across the lane. The guy asks violently who I think I am to jump at him, and that says that next time I do that he could hit me or kill me, then continues his way. From what I see of his face, he's saying that defensively, and from the tone of his voice, he sounds like a nice guy who wouldn't hit an innocent man. But he obviously must have grown in quite a bad district, where nice people are abused by violent criminals who poison any cooperative attitude -- and he's tried to develop a carapace to survive there. Up to now, I've mostly been confronted to nice, helpful people in this country, who were raised in a civilized atmosphere of general benevolence. Violent uneducated scum haven't invaded all the cities here as they have in Europe. But apparently, impune rule by aggressive violence is the rule in parts of this country, and that's quite sad. Yet another result of the victim disarmament program of which the rulers are so proud.

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