François-René Rideau (fare) wrote,
François-René Rideau

Clash of Barbarianisms, part I: The West

There is no such thing as a clash of Civilizations. For one, there are no Civilizations. There is only one Civilization, and it is universal: The West.

But whereas its name, Occident, tells from which shore of the Hellespont it took flight, The West unites people from all ethnic or cultural origins in a common peaceful cooperation through the respect of individual rights. The Japanese robot-maker, the Indian software engineer, the Senegalese phone operator, the Chilean wine-maker or the Israeli gardener, all partake in our Occidental Civilization, that knows no limits and no discrimination except those of human accomplishment: one is what one creates.

In the Capital of the West, New York City, you can see all these people from all countries working peacefully together; and so can you in the beacons of the West on all continents, from Tokyo to London to Canberra (however offshore, these currently champion the West in their respective continents better than Seoul, Paris or Sidney), from Cape Town to Santiago. Even in its remotest advanced posts in the jungles of Africa, South America or Asia, it is the West that brings relief to the victims of wars and natural disasters.

For two, Civilization doesn't clash. It builds. It builds networks of cooperation through its universal intermediate, money. Barbarianism clashes. Against Civilization. Or against other forms of Barbarianism. Inasmuch as there are essential oppositions amongst human societies, it is oppositions between forms of barbarianism, and the opposition of all these forms together against the one and only Civilization. Each form of Barbarianism feeds off Civilization, or the bits of Civilization that it manages to parasite. And each of these parasites has to compete harshly with its rivals over a set of opportunities that shrinks as it feeds more greedily.

Civilization exists through creation and freedom. Barbarianism exists through destruction and oppression. Barbarianism may clash. It simply cannot win. The possibility of Barbarianism winning is a logical contradiction. If Barbarianism could be stronger than Civilization, then the former would be Civilization and the latter Barbarianism. If destruction could be more powerful than creation, then there would be nothing to destroy, and never would have been. Civilization can build armies and defense systems based on cooperation and trust; Barbarianism can only build mobs loosely kept together by mutual fear and distrust. The limit of Civilization is human entreprise, based on will, imagination and reason. Barbarianism can but walk back towards nothingness using scraps stolen from Civilization. A given form of barbarianism can only succeed so far as it won't be taken over by a more civilized form of barbarianism. Civilization might not advance in a uniformly progressive way, there is a limit to how much it can possibly regress. There is no possible equilibrium. And the only exit from the equilibrium of universal death is more Civilization.

Could we be living in a transient era of instability, whereby an impermanent hint of Civilization would emerge only to be cancelled in an inevitable annihilation? Come on, give more credit to Civilization! Don't you think you're so special as to live precisely at the end of it. Civilization is strong. It is perhaps Strength itself. It may not appear so, because it is not shiny make-believe, but hidden reality. Black Magic always dominates appearances, and you shouldn't believe what it shows.

You may be appalled by the gutless weakness of those who govern the nations of the West. But their baseness is appalling only if you grant them legitimacy in somehow representing the nations they officially govern. As soon as you realize that a government is not the nation it subjugates, but a parasite of said nation and it first and foremost enemy, this appallment subsides. Governments of western countries are not part of the West, they are the forms of Barbarianism that feed off the West. Our States are remnants of the East, from which the West hasn't set itself free yet. States do not debase themselves -- they are baseness incarnate; they are the focal points of all the baseness that lingers in western societies. They do not debase the societies they claim to represent -- because are not the representatives of these societies, but their very Nemesis.

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