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thefowle July 20 2014, 19:05

No subject

Just got a decent sized pack of electronics/robotics goodies in prep for NodeBots day: motor controllers of various sorts, wireless comms links, dc-dc converters, small/cheap gearmotors/wheels, maybe one or two other things in the pack. 802.15.4 modules were < $1.00, ha, wow, I feel super slow/behind.

I'm both shocked and amazed. There's a L298N dual bridge module that, in hindside, is not nearly as useful/interesting as a quad half-bridge &c, but w/e: it's a big honking chip, with a small but non-zero sized heatsink. It goes up to 46V and 4A.

Last night I ordered a batch of TI CSD97374Q4M's: each chip is effectively a half bridge, capable of 15A and 30V. It's marketed a DC buck converter, but it's a half bridge. I intend to try to use it in another application, and I know I know very little, but it's specs read to me as being quite useful for what I'm looking for, and given how much more massive it is than the L298N, I tend to think this much smaller, affordable, energy conscious chip, in spite of having it's own market called out (& being a bit wrong/over-specific) is just shockingly far in advance of the old L298N motor driver. And it scales up: another $1.20/chip and there are 45, 60A versions, nearly the same, with the same gate-level run drive-logic integration that a chip like the L298N motor drive/pre-drive would once have been so attractive for having. So long as one is OK at half the voltage- hell yeah new stuff.
thefowle July 19 2014, 21:18

No subject

One of the reasons Ruby and Rails are so despised is that they played the Popular Culture Wars. Going beyond making a community, they advertised, they fought others for mindshare.

And their Omakase "we're building this for you" thing is basically the most fallen, horrible ethos ever: a pop culture built entirely around pop-icons. "You're totally awesome: you've found all this great stuff out, and you're still reaching ever deeper down the rabbit holes" is way more the espirit de corps that we'd rather ring out. We're all still a bit befuddled, still piecing things together, but if we keep at, keep #constructivist, we can keep helping each other get better.

As a tech, I haven't seen any major shifts out of Rails, and I find that noteable. Most tech scenes tend towards stagnation: they achieve some great end, but after a couple years there's not a lot of left, the major areas have been worked, and people are off to other realms to rock the presteige and survivor-biased "wisdom" they rocked up in that first bubble, ultimately as often as not bringing the same stagnation and "experience" afar.

I'm in the "we're in a rut" rut! Oh no. I don't think I'm wrong, but I want to find different cognizances to acknowledge and find strong belief in. There's been something special about Rails, it was the last very big very late project on the web, perhaps never to be matched again (heh, no, not likely, but it feels that way, that we've unwound a bit), and although I didn't intend to press this as a popularity-contest mentality, it
thefowle July 14 2014, 20:05

No subject

Abandon all standards. Just put joint-hope on hold for another decade. We're done, I can't stand the crew that thinks they're doing all these favors by choosing again and again dumber simpler more newbie friendly paths to guide all their movements. The inverse totalitarianism, the jamming up of real work by people who want to focus very hard on making the work as kiddy-gloved as can be conceived.

this any more, just do good, put competing shit into play, let the polyfills and shims multiply, and let the cruft settle itself out. Let "The" turn into "the" web, go back to the old madness. W3C, I like you, but

I'd like to repeat my call for a moratorium on web standards. Sometime soon here we need some time to stop and reflect on all the ways what we've built and standardized with absolutely no field trialling- what we're created entirely in committee and stamped as good to start shipping- we need to reflect on how it sucks egg and needs serious work. We're still far from the point, there's still a lot of basics in progress that the web needs, but
l33tminion July 14 2014, 01:43

Time Well Spent

Fun things from this week:

Saw Snowpiercer at the Brattle. "Hunger Games"-on-a-train by way of the cinematographic conventions of Korean action movies. Good stuff if you're willing to take your sci-fi more than a bit absurdist.

Julie took me to Giulia for my birthday, an amazing meal.

I went to the Union Square Farmers Market this weekend and did a bit of cooking. Steamed carrots, long red Florence onions, and baby kohlrabi with fresh sage. Sauteed rainbow chard and various other exotic greens with lemon. Made a salad with cucumber and red sorrel. Bought a loaf of pain d'epi (a pretty baguette variation I hadn't seen before) and served it with Fiore de Nonno burrata. All very good.

I got in a bit of biking yesterday, and today I took Hubway everywhere and biked about 14 miles.

At work a big project is being slow to warm up, but I've been putting in a lot of effort to make documentation improvements that I didn't have enough time to get to this past quarter. Feels good to finally get to that.
xach July 13 2014, 23:10

International Lisp Conference 2014

I'm going to the International Lisp Conference in 2014 and so should you. It's great to meet Lispers in person and swap stories. Montreal is also a great city.

The deadline for early registration is tomorrow, Monday, July 14th. If you join the ALU for $25, early registration is only $300. (If you don't join the ALU, early registration is $400.) After tomorrow the registration fee goes up signifcantly!

Go register today! See you in Montreal next month!
tropigalia July 13 2014, 13:29

No subject

I can't tell if these moments are ones of absolute clarity or the summit of my delusion, but there are times when I think I have everything: the looks, the brains, the talent, the integrity, the heart, the drive, and that there is no way I can be stopped 
thefowle July 11 2014, 17:40

No subject

The Israeli state is in a genocidal frenzy
An attempted Caliphate spawned, leveraging social media to push it's military shock tactics
Shiite and Kurd relationships are on the rocks in Iraq
Ebola is spreading in West Africa
It seemed like Russia was beginning to expand into Ukraine
thefowle July 9 2014, 04:01

No subject

More so than I am trying to find others,
I hunt more and more for myself
And what I keep unearthing, in this quest for discovery,
is ever further away, has further to develop
than I could possibly have conceived
tropigalia July 9 2014, 01:58

No subject

photo 1

evelyn did this calligraphy and took a photo of it

and the best i could do with it was this:

in like 3 hours. i don't know why this was my job as i have no aptitude for it. i feel like someone who is better at graphic design could have done something good with the scrubbed down calligraphy logo
xach July 8 2014, 13:18

Common Lisp bits

A collection of Lisp Usenet gems, including articles from Kent Pitman, Erik Naggum, Chris Riesbeck, Pascal Costanza, and Will Hartung.

Things I Want in Common Lisp by Robert Smith.

Video demo of cl-notebook by lnaimathi. By the same author: [T]he primary endeavor of every programmer is twofold: To understand, and to be understood, which demonstrates generating code from a visual diagram.

Looking to start a band? Stumped on a name? See this twitter thread for inspiration.

simple-search is a "smaller alternative to Montezuma" that "allows you to index documents you have stored in-memory and query them in various ways." Looks good. From Andrew Lyon.

It is not hard to read Lisp code, by Jisang Yoo.

mathkit is "
a purely math-related utility kit, providing functions which can be useful for games, 3D, and GL in general" by Ryan Pavlik.
tropigalia July 8 2014, 05:40

No subject

it's happening. i am going to a library to do my visa paperwork tomorrow. i am looking on websites for roomshares. the next two months are probably going to fly.

i am a crazy person. i have a good life here with love and a kitten and tacos. why am i doing this?
l33tminion July 6 2014, 06:18

Relaxing With Hurricanes and Spiders

I'm back, as of earlier this afternoon.

Sandy Island was fun. Read a ton, played quite a few games of cribbage, and took a nice kayak trip around Ragged Island. The weather was unusually good this summer, mild days and comfortable nights most of the week. On Thursday night, Hurricane Arthur brought in intense thunderstorms followed by at least thirty hours of continuous rain.

The island had an unusually high deer population this year. Normally if there are deer on the island, they try to stay out of sight, but this year they were grazing on the ball field during the day and foraging near the cabins at night. Lots of ducks, too, though no groups of ducklings yet this time. Also seemed to be an unusual number of spiders. Saw the biggest spider I've ever seen at camp and chased it out of my cabin; I think it was a male tan jumping spider from its huge size, kind-of-tarantula-like appearance, and alarming jumping ability. And watched a smaller spider (some sort of orb-weaver, probably) in the process of constructing a large spoke-and-wheel style web. Always cool to watch something small build big structures.

It was nice to have some time with my folks and some vacation with Julie. Unfortunately, my siblings were both away from Sandy this year. My sister was busy, and my brother was not feeling up for the road-trip. I hope they'll be able to make the vacation at some point in future years.

Enjoying the weekend, looking forward to my return to work.
tropigalia July 6 2014, 05:36

No subject

this girl whose tumblr i hateread has just become a BBW softcore porn camgirl. i feel jealous because there is a way in which she can commodify herself that wouldn't work for me because i'm impossible to sexualize because i'm small everywhere i'm supposed to be big and big everywhere i'm supposed to be small.

she used to talk to people who sent her sexual messages really harshly and now she uses the same language they used in order to sell herself.
look how bad i am at exercising
watch me shove these 12 pies from mcdonald's in my fat mouth
watch my 60" ass destroy this bubble wrap-- it doesn't stand a chance!
listen to how my floor creaks as i walk across it
you get to see me try to wriggle my bubble butt into these too-small shorts
i can't wait to get bigger

i am trying to unpack what this would mean if i did it. i have worked all my life to change the way i talk about my body so to suddenly reframe it so that i am still speaking negatively but in order to appeal to men seems puzzling and difficult
look at these rolls- look at what i can't do- look how heavily i'm breathing with only the slightest of efforts expended- look how LAZY i am

i will kill the next man who calls me lazy, i think as i collapse on the ground during my 15 minute break in the middle of my 11 hour shift. my skirt rides up to reveal my thighs that i cannot fathom lovingly calling "blubbery" or "jiggly" so that 1 or 2 jagholes on the internet might pay $5 to see me half-heartedly knead them with my fingertips.

i don't feel contemptuous of her for participating in sex work. i wonder if it feels sad or difficult for her to pander to men who seem to enjoy feederism because it implies helplessness and she used to talk about men who sexualize her in an extremely disdainful way.

i don't want to contend with any group of men that says "well, you're ok now but you're not good enough. keep getting fatter. keep eating. what's your 5 year plan for weight gain? tell me what it feels like to not be able to get up the stairs." what's the point of subverting body ideals if you don't even get to have autonomy? i've been lucky in that the majority of my partners were neither attracted to or repelled by my fatness, to my knowledge. on the only occasions i've been on dates with fat admirers they talked about me in a way i didn't recognize. fat and lazy and slovenly but i LIKE that about you so what's the problem? you eat SO much i love it. you're SO big. you have such BIG thighs.

they weren't seeing me, even if that is technically accurate. they were seeing the potential to control someone. i know that's a component of all sex work. even domme work is predicated on giving the submissive the type of domination they desire. it's just especially transparent with feeders.

i don't want to be seen primarily as a fat. i want to be seen as a musician, but no one cares that i'm a musician, and above all i want people to care about me.

why should it matter if i'm talentless? there are worse things than being talentless.
the oldest hurt isn't heartache; it's hunger, you know.

i used to be called during the night more often than i liked. i don't know where people got my number but i'd get calls asking to lick my feet. getting strange phone calls in the night, hangups, breathing, creepy men, that's the scariest feeling in the world. i can't wait till we get rid of the immediacy of cell phones altogether.
tropigalia July 4 2014, 01:05

No subject

things continue to get worse at work

free hit counters

CK has been fired. they are hiring someone from another store whom i know and who i am 85% sure is financially taking advantage of her mother with alzheimer's. i am very seriously considering finding a way to report elder abuse somewhere but i don't want to ruin anyone's lives if i am wrong. i guess i'll find out more if i have to work with her.

i do not want to work 10-8 tomorrow. SEVERAL people called to ask if we'd be open. what the fuck kinda sad fuck wants to consign on a national holiday instead of hanging out with their friends and family?

i do not want to examine my desires. what makes me want to run away from everyone i know and love and be by myself, in the country where i've felt the loneliest i've ever felt more than once?

i say, "this time i will do it right and not only learn my trade but i won't rely on anyone else." i want it to be true. i don't think i can ever be a complete person because where independence, knowledge, joy, and love are is just sadness and selfishness.

internet fame isn't a meritocracy, bozo

i don't think i know how to care about other people. i am probably a capital-N Narcissist or a sociopath. i'm just kind enough to think the world would be better off without me.

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